Swedish Massage

A classic full body massage that uses soothing techniques to increase circulation, reduce stress and improve muscle relaxation.

60 min… $65

90 min… $100

Acupressure Body Massage

The body has a natural balance. If this balance disturbed, it can result in pain and other unfavorable medical conditions.
To relieve the body’s pain and stress, this specific technique applies pressure to the key pressure points around the body. By triggering pressure points with gentle, non-invasive pressure by hands, experienced therapists can bring the body back to its natural balance.

60 min… $65

90 min… $100

120 min… $120

Couple Room Acupressure Massage (2 patients)

30 min… $80 (for 2 person)

60 min… $120 (for 2 person)

Chair Acupressure Massage

20 min… $20

30 min… $30